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Welcome to the USOSweb service

of AGH University of Krakow

USOSweb is an online USOS module designed for students and teachers.

The data migration between different modules happens twice a day, around 6:30 AM and 4:30 PM. During that time the system may not be available for a short while. Information entered by the faculty staff will be visible after the migration, but information entered by teachers and students is visible immediately.

Every student is obliged to create university email acccount in the domain. In order to create an account, please use the following service:

You should use your university email to contact university employees. This is required to properly validate your identity. Please also state your name, surname and album number in the email.

Notice, that the following addresses:

  • [album number]
  • [your choosen login]

are both correct and equal.

Important contacts

Case/problem: Contact:
(technical issues)
Assigned courses
(errors, ommisions)
The dean's office of your faculty
University account/email
(technical issues, access, password)
Scholarship matters The dean's office of your faculty, DSS
UBPO database
UPEL e-learning platform
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30-059 Kraków
tel: +48 12 617 22 22
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